Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Piano Lessons.....Hooray!

I found a cool new product through my sister, Hannah.  It's called "Piano Marvel" and it's awesome!  Lately I've been entertaining the thought of teaching Abby piano, since Elsa is already taking lessons from a friend.
 Abby has wanted to learn and when I learned about "Piano Marvel" I decided to try it out.  I love it and so does Abby.  She loves to try to beat her score and, let me just say, that since she started week ago, she already knows what whole, half and quarter notes are and how many counts they get.  Piano Marvel has made it so fun to practice even the most daunting tasks.  An accompaniment plays with the notes to practice so it's like you're contributing to a beautiful and fun piece.  I remember when I was younger and taking lessons, I always had to do my scales.  It was so boring and I really did not like it. 
Piano Marvel makes playing scales so fun!  Both my girls practice with Piano Marvel and they love it.  I love it too because they can set their own goals and see their own progress...faster than traditional lessons.  Now don't get me wrong though.  Piano Marvel was not designed to replace those lessons, but rather to enhance them.  Piano teachers can use this as a tool to help their students learn 4-8 times faster.  I'm even brushing up on my skills too.  Let me say also that it's very addictive!  If you want to see it for yourselves here is a link to their website.   I became a distributor so I share this with everyone and so I could give discounts to anyone who wants their kids or themselves to learn piano.  Just enter the promo code "singer".  They also help with learning guitar, bass guitar and drums. 
Here is Abby and Elsa practicing.....


Camille said...

Those girls!! Hi Abby and Elsa, from Aunt Camille. You are both so beautiful and you play the piano beautifully!

Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

Britta...I can't believe how much Elsa looks like you...it is seriously like watching you! Good job girls!

Andersons said...

Abby and Elsa, that looks like so much fun we want to come and do it with you. Hannah was right about watching you, Elsa. You are so much like your mother was at that age. Both of you girls are doing so well on the piano. Keep up the good work!
Love, Grandpa & Grandma