Thursday, May 03, 2012

Our Easter

I'm a little behind.  I know it's already May and I'm just now getting to our Easter.  
Well, we had a nice one.  The kids and I went to the "Grace Baptist's" Easter Extravaganza.  We were invited by our neighbor this year as well as last year.  The kids love it.  They got to hunt eggs, play games, jump on bouncers, and ride the little train they had.  Oh, yeah...and eat.  It was fun.  Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera so we didn't get pic.'s of it.  You can go here if you want to see the pic.'s from last year.  They're basically the same except the kids are a year older.  The Grace Baptist Church do a good job with this every year.  
So here are some pic's of the kids dying eggs on Saturday right after we got home from the Extravaganza, and then hunting them on Easter Sunday.  Also the kids with their baskets.  Enjoy!

Look at that determination.

Elsa loved dying eggs.
Calvin was an old pro.

Some of our colored eggs....with the kids treasures in the background from their egg hunt earlier.
Everyone's baskets.
Abby got this "Tag" book, scripture marker, bookmark, and goodies.
Elsa got a lego set from "Prince of Persia", bookmark, scripture marker and goodies.
Calvin got to read the letter from the Easter Bunny this year.

Dallin got a nice, new, much needed because dang this kid grows fast white shirt.  
An aluminum wallet, a scripture marker and bookmark, and some goodies.
The girls really liked these life sized paper dolls.
Calvin loved his aluminum wallet, scripture marker, bookmark, and goodies.  He especially LOVES (as well as the rest of us), the "Book of Mormon Battles" card game that the family got.
It was a nice Easter now here is our Easter Egg hunt.


Cedric Anderson said...

looks great...we like the life sized paper dolls! Very cool. Looks like everyone enjoyed what the Easter Bunny had to bring!

Olivia Cobian said...

Great post, Britta! Your kids are darling and growing up fast!