Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Calvin turns 12....I can't believe it!

Wasn't he the cutest little kid?!  Seems like yesterday!
 What a fun weekend we had!  With LOTS of pictures!
First of all, it was Calvin's 12th birthday on Friday.  He went with Dallin and Dad on a camping night with the Boy Scouts.  (Clint went because he just was called to be the 1st counselor in the Young Men's presidency.)  The camping trip was actually at a member's home where they pitched their tents in the backyard, then ate lots of good food and watched "October Sky".  They did it last year too and decided to make it a tradition to do it the same time every year.  Calvin barely made it this year.  They all had fun and ate good food.  We all know that food is where it's at with men and young men, right?  Anyway, then on Saturday, Grandma and Papa Anderson, Aunt Steph and Tracy came to be here for Calvin's ordination of the Aaronic priesthood.  But before that, we celebrated his birthday on Saturday night with a good meal, home made (from scratch) chocolate cake, ice cream, and who can forget presents.  He got some pretty nice things including a very nice, new suit from Aunt Steph, a new journal and money from Grandma and Papa Anderson, a skateboard, a nice baseball glove, and a lego, Yoda watch from Mom and Dad.  He was pretty happy!
Then, on Sunday, was our stake conference where we got a new Stake President.  We will miss Pres. Dayley, but are excited for our new one, Pres. Winder.  He was our bishop in our last ward, so we know him pretty well.  Great man, and his family is awesome too.  After stake conference, we waited for all the ordaining's to the Melchezedek Priesthood to be done, including a young man that Clint got to know and love really well while Clint served as his young mens leader a few years back.  Now, this young man is getting ready to serve a mission.  Then, when everyone left, our bishop, 1st counselor, Grandpa (Papa), the young mens pres. of our ward, and of course Clint ordained Calvin to the Aaronic Priesthood as a deacon.  We are all so proud of the choices that he has made in his life so far and are anxious to watch him and his brother grow in the gospel.  We then, went up to the temple and took some pictures, then came back home to eat and just hang out there for the rest of Sunday.
On Monday, we all, except for Clint he thought he could be done with work by then, went to the Sharks Reef at the Mandalay Bay in down town Las Vegas.  It was fun just to hang out and have fun with everyone.  After that, my parents had to get back on the road to get home, so we said our "good bye's".  Then Aunt Steph and Tracy, the kids and I met Clint at the mall where we had to exchange Calvin suit coat because there were two little holes in it.  But no problem, we exchanged it then walked around the mall, Calvin bought a game for his game system with his birthday money and we ate lunch.  Then, the kids and I came back home, Clint had a couple more things to get done at work and Aunt Steph and Tracy went and checked into their hotel.  Then later that night, we met them at Metro Pizza and stuffed our bellies and visited.  It was one of those weekends that I wished would never end.
Our family

Every one who came....except Tracy who was taking the picture.

Abby was so funny...she was being the photographer.  She wanted everyone to stand in a line with their
fingers to their mouths, then she would pick us one at a time and put us in her picture.  

She was still picking people...

Now all that was left was "the kids"

What a handsome boy!

At the Shark Reef
Calvin, Elsa and Abby touching the Rays and  Horseshoe crabs

Jelly fish

We were looking at the sharks in this one

These guys were in the tunnel with sea creatures all around them.

Everyone except for Tracy and me in the tunnel.

Star fish


The girls with Grandma and Papa

The boys with Steph and Tracy

Me, Grandpa(Papa) and Abby

Dallin looked a little concerned here

These sharks must've really liked Tracy.  They kept coming right up to the glass
right over her head....this was the best pic. My camera wasn't fast enough because of
the flash.

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