Monday, December 03, 2012

Oops! How did I forget!

Abby Turns 7!  I can't believe my baby is one year away from getting her ears pierced, but more importantly getting baptized.  She is very excited about both, but she asks just about everyday if she can get her ears pierced now and wear make up, but that's not until 12 at least.  She's so funny and still keeps us on our toes.  Lately she has been sneaking into my make-up.  She's pretty good at putting it on, by the way.  I swear she is 7 going on 17.  Along with that she is a very bright girl.  She is doing well in school and has made lots of good friends.
Anyway, so for her birthday we did not do a friends party this year,  but instead just celebrated by going to Cici's Pizza, Chuckie E. Cheese (for games), and then came home for cake and presents.  She had a great day!  For some reason I can't find the pictures of her birthday celebration, so here is a little montage' of Abby's life so far....I'll post them when I find them...they're probably on the laptop.  :)

On the rocking horse Elsa painted for her for Christmas
Sweet Abby at 9 mo.
Playing in the leaves at G-ma and Papa's on Thanksgiving
Abby as a bee for Halloween 2007
Look at that hair!
She wanted curls for church. 

These two were so cute together.  Notice Abbys hair cut.
I gave up trying to hide her "bald spot".  
Abby and I loved to walk the kids to school,
this day we found a rainbow...Abbys favorite!

Abby loved to help me bake...and she still does!
Her 1st day of Kindergarten

Abby age 4
Abby wanted to be a Gingerbread Girl...not just a Gingerbread man....GIRL.  She was very specific about that!

Look at that tooth-less grin!

What a beautiful little lady she's turning out to be.
We love her with all our hearts!

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Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

Why did this make me cry? Man alive she has grown up SO FAST!