Sunday, February 17, 2013

Elsa Lou is 10?!?

How did this happen?  Our children are growing up so fast!  
She had a good day!  I took some brownies into her classroom, (her choice, she loves brownies).  Then, the next day, Saturday, she had a friends party.  
It was a craft party.  She loves to make stuff for her dolls, like furniture/accessories.  She found a channel on Youtube that she loves to watch that teaches her how to make stuff like that out of things around the house.  I love it because she no longer looks through the American Girl catalog and asks us to buy stuff for her, she looks through it to get ideas of what she can make. 
Here are some fun pictures of her special day...
 Kit celebrated with Elsa with some doll sized pancakes.
 This is the candle and decoration I made to put on her cake. 
 These were her gifts from family. 
 Abby gave her a little doll with a bike.

 Clint and I gave her a box of her very own craft supplies.  She was very excited to get that!

 Yea!  We always love new clothes!

 She still LOVES legos....especially Spongebob lego's

 Grandma and Papa gave her this cool knitting kit to teach her how.
She loved it!  Thanks Grandma and Papa!
 Abby was excited for Elsa's party to start!  

 I regret that I didn't get as many photos of her decorations and party as I would have liked.  In fact if Ruth and Jordan weren't there I wouldn't have had some of these at all.  Thanks guys!
 The boys were a BIG help!  They cleaned up the back yard super nice!  
 Our food table.  
I wished I would have thought to put the cake on before this photo was taken.
 Me setting up.
What a cute 10 year old...faded shirt and all!
 You can see the cake in this photo.  
 These girls were so fun! 
They were making necklaces for them/their dolls.
 They were all so generous and gave Elsa such nice things.

 This is what Jordan, Ruth and her cousins gave her.  It was perfect for Elsa.  
She will have so much fun with this!  Thanks again guys!
 Here are her cousins, Abby and the first girl that arrived.  
We were making Pipe cleaner dogs. 
They turned out cute!
I think she loved her special days!
Good luck being 10 Elsa and may this year be a great one for you!


OurLittleFamily said...

What a fun party!!! It looks like she had a great time! What a fun way to party!

Olivia Cobian said...

I can't believe Lili will be ten soon also! Elsa is such a beautiful girl. What a great mom she has. Looks like a lovely birthday!