Friday, May 10, 2013

Getting caught up!

Wow!  I really slacked off!  Well, here I go!  Getting caught up!  First on the list......
Easter!  We were supposed to go to my Grandma Dahl's funeral, but Clint's appendix had other ideas.
On Thursday, before Easter weekend, I took Clint into the ER for abdominal pains.  As we waited there his pains started to get less painful and he just wanted to go home and rest.  While I was in line to ask how much longer we had to wait, they called his name.  After a CT scan the doctor concluded that his appendix needed to come to out.  The dr. was worried that it had ruptured because he was feeling less pain, but fortunately it did not rupture.  However, it was very inflamed and big and because they took it out through an incision it stretched it wider than usual.  So, needless to say, he was in more pain.  It's been about 2 months since that happened and I'm proud to report that he is feeling much better.  Anyway, while he was in the hospital, I brought the kids to see him (except for Calvin).  We stayed there that day until he was able to come home, but while we waited for him to be discharge, we went across the street to the mall to get a shirt to go with Elsa's Easter skirt and shoes for both girls.  While we shopped we were lucky to find great a great deal on Abby's baptism dress. (60% off)  I was toying with the idea of making one for her, but with the price we got it at, I could not pass it up.  Abby was very happy and found the one she loved!  She can't wait to wear it and asks every now and then if she can wear it.  (She has another five months to wait.) 
O.k., so the next day, Saturday, I took the girls to the Easter Extravaganza that the Grace Baptist church puts on every year.  The boys didn't want to go, so they stayed to help with their dad.  (They were too old to participate in the Easter egg hunt anyway.)  Anyway, the girls had fun!  Just look at these pictures, does it look like they're enjoying themselves or what?!

 Abby loved the little train that they had.
 We, then went home to dye eggs.  Which is always a good time!

 On Sunday, after church, we did our own egg hunt!

 Look at those cute kids!


OurLittleFamily said...

So glad y'all didn't leave the hospital. So glad he is doing better and healing well.

Easter looked like fun! Can't believe how old this kids look...growing up too fast!

Olivia Cobian said...

Great to catch up with you via your blog! I missed you at Grandma's funeral & am sad about Clint's surgery--so glad it happened then and not on the road though! I have always thought Elsa looks a lot like you, and in these Easter pictures, I think Abby looks like you too. Beautiful kids!