Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Scence Fair Time

O.k. so this year in school, 4th grade, it was Elsa's turn for a science project.  I must say that it was much more fun to help her as opposed to her brothers.  Dallin always waited until the last minute to tell me anything, let alone anything about a science fair.  In fact, one year he waited until the day after it was due.  Calvin also waited until the last minute, but he got up extra early without waking me or his dad up and did a quick science project and wrote it all down on a piece of card board and called it good.  Elsa, on the other hand, came home the day she found out about the science fair and told me excitedly.  Then, she let me help her with presentation.  Something I never got to do with my boys.  I tried to tell Dallin, on one project this year, that it would help him get a better grade if it was neat.  He insisted that it wouldn't make a difference.  I finally said, "Whatever Dallin, you know more than me."  He ended up getting a B.  He still insists that it's not because it wasn't typed.  Oh well, it's his grade, right?!  Anyway, Elsa had fun with her project, which was planting popcorn and seeing if the kernels would grow and if so, what they would look like.  She got an A.


JordoBaggins said...

Good job Elsa, I'm pretty sure I was just like your brothers... Never better than the girls when it came to that kind of stuff

Britta Singer said...

Something about boys, huh Jordan?

sarah said...

That sounds like the best experiment!!! Uncle Cedric and I LOVE popcorn. Elsa, your board looks really nice too! Great job.