Sunday, November 24, 2013

First Day of School

Well, here I am again playing catch up.  I'm not so far behind as I usually am.
O.k. so first of all, the kids started school for the 2013-14 school year.  If you follow me 
on Facebook then you've seen these photos, but I wanted to write about it for posterity.
So, Dallin is in high school now (9th grade) and loving it so far.  He even likes seminary....I don't think he's
very fond of the early morning part of it, but he is a good kid and studies every night for each new lesson.
Calvin, is in 7th grade, Elsa is in 5th grade and Abby is in 3rd grade (which I can't believe my baby is
that old).  

 This is Abby's first project for school.  She had to decorate a paper doll  to look like her for the
first day of school.  
Her class read "Flat Stanley"  then they mail "themselves" out to friends or family members to take pictures with, then they send back the photos and/or souvenirs to show her class. Then, she had to fill out an "all about me" page and her classmates guessed who's each page belonged too.

 Can you feel the excitement?  Actually, she WAS excited...I just caught her off guard with the camera.
 Elsa with her new teacher, Miss Novak
 Abby with her new teacher, Mrs. Wilkins.
Elsa had her too in 3rd grade.  
 Dallin before heading off to seminary
 Here are the kids later that night.  We made a cake for Family Home Evening treat and to
celebrate the first day of school.

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