Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our cra-a-azy kids

Calvin and Abby were dancing to the electric piano, and Elsa teaching them how to twirl. (Do you like her outfit? She's a real fashion bug, eh?)
Calvin and Abby take a bow
Can you feel the love? They're so cute together!

Yep! It's that time of year of again. First day of school. Elsa was so excited to start kindergarten. When I took her, she went right into the gate and didn't need me to go in with her. Yea! I'm so glad! Last year I had to go in her class with until she was o.k. So this was definately an improvement or maybe a sign that she's maturing a little. I'm still going to try to get her into the program at U.N.L.V. in September. Her teacher said she did really well, and said Elsa was at ease with everything. Hopefully Elsa will be able to talk to her teacher so she can assess her progress through out the year.
Dallin and Calvin seem to have good teachers. Dallin has a guy teacher this year, so hopefully he can be more firm with Dallin of getting is work done and turned in on time. Calvin always tells me that school was boring, but I think he has fun.


Cedric Anderson said...

Good luck at school, guys.... and remember that you're in competition with the smart little Japanese and Chinese kids. Our future is in your hands! No pressure.

Hannah Stevenson said...

You all look so cute and ready! I'm glad Elsa did so well this year.