Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our AB honor roll kids

Well, Dallin made it back on the AB honor. Although his goal was to get back on the A honor roll, he worked hard and got all A's and only 2 B's. Good for you, Dallin. You know how to get all A's next year, (do your work and turn it in ON TIME), right?! He also got a reading award from the librarian.
Calvin maintained his grades all year. He scored a DRA level of 70 for reading when he is supposed to be at 16-18. At the beginning of his 1st grade year he scored a 20. He loves to read and does so when ever he gets a chance.(even when he is supposed to be cleaning his room.) I am so glad my boys are good at reading and love it. Calvin also received an award for 100% attendance. That one's hard to get. Good job, Calvin!
The reason I don't have pictures at the school, with their teachers, etc. is because no one told me about the award ceremonies until they came home with their awards. So I took their pictures just after their showers and ready for bed. They are adorable aren't they?

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Cedric Anderson said...

Good Job Guys! Keep up the good grades; it is always a good reward to receive good grades after working hard at school.