Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh, what a glorious day!

Today, we woke up, the boys and Clint got ready and went to do Scouting for food. While they were gone, I put a movie on for the girls (after they made their beds, and cleaned their room of course), then I swept and mop the floors and cleaned the kitchen. I felt pretty good, like I accomplished a lot. Just to get the girls to make their beds is a feat in and of itself. :) Well, then Clint and the boys came home and asked if we wanted to go hiking with them. A million things that I needed to do ran though my mind. I struggled to give the answer, "No, I better not." Then, after hearing how much all the kids wanted to go, I thought, "Oh well, these things can wait." Hiking sounded more fun anyway, of course. So, we went to the mountain by our house. The actual spot we hike was called Anniversary Narrows. They were so neat and the kids did awesome. Elsa didn't complain once about having to walk or how tired she was. Abby on the other hand, did not want to walk except if we were climbing the mountain side or something. If we were just walking on a straight path, she got tired of it real fast and wanted me and only me to carry her. My back and arms will probably be sore in the morning. Dallin and Calvin did really well too and loved every minute of it. Well, when got back to the car we headed home, called the babysitter, and Clint and I went to the temple. What a great day! I don't like to hike.....I LOVE to hike!


Camille said...

What a beautiful day for a beautiful family! You guys look great! We are super excited for Christmas.

Hannah Stevenson said...

How fun! You guys are such a bunch of cutie patuties! We love you and CAN'T WAIT to see you!