Thursday, November 13, 2008

Calvin's birthday party.......ARRRR!

Well, Calvin's party went down without a hitch. Or whatever the phrase maybe. Four out of six of his little friends came, and to me it felt like there were ten kids. What a wild bunch! They had fun pretending to be pirates, especially when it came time to eat because that meant it was time to "break open" the rootbeer and cream soda bottles. My favorite picture is of them toasting each other with their bottles like pirates would. They also had fun trying to hook as many pretzels on their candy cane hooks as they could (sorry I didn't take pictures of that), sword fighting with pretzel sticks, and playing on the pirate ship. (That was a hit!) They all loved the cake and thought it was cool, but I think they really liked the treasure hunt. (Who wouldn't like a treasure hunt). It's fun to do parties for kids who totally love to have fun. This age group was fun to watch, probably because some of the boys have been Calvin's friends since kindergarten. Time flies so fast. I couldn't believe how big all of them were. Well, then Calvin opened presents, they ate cake, and played until their parents came to pick them up. Enjoy the pictures!


Olivia Cobian said...

What a cute blog, Britta! Your children are beautiful!

Hannah Stevenson said...

WOW BERTH!!! That looks AMAZING! Love the pirate ship and I can't believe you made that flag...AWESOME! You should seriously do that on Etsy. The cake is amazing as well! I feel honored to be related to such a talented lady!