Sunday, November 09, 2008

Calvin had a great birthday!

Calvin had a good day considering it was Sunday. We went to church, and in Primary he got sung to, got a pin that says "I am a Child of God", a pencil, and got a candy bar. Wow! I hope they remember my birthday ;) Anyway, when we got home we had hamburgers and hotdogs on the BBQ, (cooked by Clint), then he opened his presents, then rode his new mountain bike for a while, then had ice cream. What? No cake, you say! We're going to have the cake at his party on Wednesday, after school. He wants to have a pirate party, and has been planning it for months now. He's going to put some of the pictures of his presents and party on his blog, if anyone is interested. Enjoy the movie!

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Cedric Anderson said...

doesn't look like he needs trainning wheels to me!