Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring break + Grandma & Papa = Fun

That's exactly what happened. While we were trekking Grandma and Papa came down to watch the kids and spend some quality time. On Thursday, they helped the kids grow a flower and veggie garden. The kids were great little workers. They planted tomatoes, bell peppers, cantaloupe, sunflowers, & a lemon tree. Then flowers around the lemon tree and in the front yard. Then on Friday, they went to the Springs Preserve and spent pretty much the whole day there. Then on Saturday they dyed easter eggs. It was so nice not to have to worry if our kids were o.k. Grandma and Papa had them and the kids always have fun with their grandparents. It was also nice to come home to our pretty flowers and freshly planted veggies, not to mention our laundry done, things around the house fixed, and everything else clean. Thank you Mom and Dad (Grandma and Papa).

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Cedric Anderson said...

Wow, they really did do a lot! Looks like everything went perfectly.