Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's about that time

Yeah it's been quite a long time since I posted. I'm sorry that I've put it off for so long.
October has been a busy month for us. The first weekend was the craft/yard sale at the kids elementary school, which I found out after Clint and I decided and paid for the lot to sell our checkerboards, etc.,, that Clint had plans already that weekend to go mountain biking with the scouts. So..... I invited my sister and Mom to come and help me. Well, they decided to come, with Hannah's 3 babies. It was total madness, but I was glad they were there to help, because my kids had a primary program that Sunday, so they had a practice that Saturday during the fair. So my Mom took the kids, then went to the airport to get her purse that she left(which is a miracle that it was still there in Vegas) when she had a layover on her way to Utah. She didn't even notice that it had fallen out of her bag. Anyway, the plan was for her to go to the airport get her purse then pick the kids on her way back. With construction at the airport, she was delayed and luckily Clint came home early so when the kids called home to see if anyone was picking them up, Clint went to get them and brought them back to the fair. The babies were pretty good at the craft sale for the most part. Maisy got a little tired and fell asleep on my shoulder, so I laid her down in the pack n' play and tried to distract Laurel from throwing toys in on Maisy. (I was successful. Anyway, the rest of the weekend we tried to organize my house, but didn't have much success with that. We decided that traveling with babies that age was impossible and they needed their schedules to not change. Despite everything with the kids and babies, the craft sale did not go as well as we might have liked. Although we had a lot of people interested in ordering a custom made checkerboard and other things and took our cards. So we'll see what happens there shall we? I forgot about conference. I loved conference this time. Of course I love every session. This one was really good though. The talks were inspiring and just plain good. During the Sunday sessions Clint, Calvin and I were working on a puzzle, with a little help from Elsa. While the other kids did their own puzzles and activities. It was nice to have all the kids occupied for atleast a few minutes so Clint and I could listen. Here is the puzzle we worked on...and Elsa too.This past weekend we had our own yard sale. We did a lot better than the yard sale at the school. It was a pretty good day and the weather was perfect. There were a lot of people out early in the morning. We sold mostly Clint's tools, some used but most still in their packages, and the halloween costumes that I made or bought on clearance a couple years ago, but never used or used once, matchbox cars (still in their boxes), and dvd's/videos, scrapbooking supplies, etc. we're going to do another one to get rid of the rest of our stuff that we didn't sell. I'm working on de-junking our home, so I'm sure I'll find more stuff to sell or just trash. My goal is too have my home clean and de-junked by Thanksgiving. Wish me luck.
Today, Sunday, was a good day. We had 2 really good talks in Sacrament meeting. The last one was the 2nd counselor in the stake presidency. He talked about prayer and really listening to the spirit being careful not to listen to our own bias'. He gave an example of a young woman whose parents and older siblings went to BYU and she has always wanted to go there, and when she prayed about it, it felt right. After her first semester, she came home and was talking to Pres. Wilson (the 2nd counselor) and through her tears said that she knew she needed to go to UNLV, but wanted to go to BYU and as she prayed about this at the time she let her bias' answer her prayers. It made me wonder if I had ever have done that. Maybe, but I'll be more aware from now on. He also talked about priesthood blessings and knowing and understand the feelings and will of God. He then gave the example of a bishop who got a call in the middle of the night from a young father whose wife had suddenly collapsed on the kitchen floor earlier that day and was now in the hospital unresponsive and unconscious. The father had called his bishop to come help him give her a blessing. The Bishop rushed down to the hospital and the second he laid his hands on her head he felt peace, that everything was going to be fine. So he blessed her that she would be healed and live to raise their five children. The bishop went home and a few hours later and father called him, sobbing, telling him that she had passed away. The Bishop hung up the phone and knelt down right there in the middle of the living room and prayed sobbing, and asked the Lord what he had done wrong. The spirit whispered to him that he got the feeling right but the Lord's will wrong. The Lord was taking one of his daughters home and he was giving a feeling of peace to assure the family that everything was going to be fine, that they would be together for eternity. Pres. Wilson also tied in that we need to be careful not the get hung up or offended on what people say in blessings or over the pulpit. For example, he told of himself giving a young woman a blessing that her pregnancy would go well and talked a little about the baby and called the baby a he. The woman remembered that and took it as a sign (if you will) and thought she was going to have a boy.
(She really wanted a boy) Well, she had a girl and her faith was shaken because of this. Pres. Wilson didn't realize that he had called the baby a he and warned us or rather the priesthood holders to be careful when they gave blessings. Anyway, it was just a really great talk and I learned a lot from it. Don't you just love those kind of talks! Then, after church Clint and I went to choir practice, for the first time, and it was fun. We are practicing for the Christmas program. When it was over, we ate cookies and came home, then Clint went to visit a couple of people then went to a meeting where a woman, who had researched ways to get scholarships was talking about just that. Clint said that it was a good meeting.


JordoBaggins said...

Hey Bertha,
Looks like you guys had fun with Mom and Hannah. We haven't even been gone that long and I really miss everyone. I guess we're settling in here in Portland but things are still new and unknown. Oh well, at least we still have email and so-forth.

Hannah Stevenson said...

That picture says it all! That was a CRAZY trip but worth it to get to see you Berth. I love Maisy in that picture and Abby CLASSIC! I really liked the thoughts on the talks...good stuff.

Love you!

kira said...
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kira said...

sounds like a fun month!!! :) i've heard from so many people that the craft fair economy sucks right now in vegas ...

Nicki said...

It's so good to hear from you and to see your cute, growing family! How did those years fly by?! I think Elsa looks just like her mommy! I really appreciated your comments on the talks--learning to really hear the Lord's will. . . We are trying but seem to keep missing it:) So fun to see you. If ever you come to see Hannah, we all need to get together! Love, Nicki