Thursday, February 04, 2010

Elsa turned the big 7

Yes, it's true! Elsa is 7 years old. My little girl is growing up way too fast. She had a good day. It started at school. I made cupcakes for her class and then her Dad took them in. Elsa was very happy about that. Then later that night, she wanted to go to Cici's Pizza, so we all went and enjoyed all you can eat pizza and then came home, opened presents, ate cake, and watched the new movie she got. (Cloudy with a chance of meatballs). Cute movie.
Now for seven things about Elsa,
1. She is very creative in her play.
2. She loves to draw and is very good at it.
3. She's a good friend. She has a few little friends at school and she is always talking about them (at home) and drawing pictures for them.
4. She 's a good big sister.
5. She loves to go to primary.
6. She is so happy all the time and makes us laugh.
7. She is a good student and is very smart.

Another great thing that happened on her birthday was that her cousin was born. Uncle Cedric and Aunt Sarah had their baby, they named him Baxter Lewis Anderson. (You can see pictures of him here.) She is so happy to share her birthday with one of her little cousin. We made this cupcake just for him.
Happy Birthday to Baxter Lewis! These were for Elsa's classHooray for presents!
Thanks Aunt Danielle, Uncle Anthony, Aunt Steph,
Aunt Tracy, and of course, James
for the Didj Tinkerbell game!
Also, thanks Aunt Lisa for the gift card!Yeah for new movies!Thanks Grandma and Papa for the cute outfit
and Aunt Hannah for the paper doll! I love them!Hooray for Dora! Thanks for the sweat bands Abby!The cake was a Dora theme and Elsa's favorite, chocolate!


Camille said...

SEVEN years old?! I can hardly believe it. It looks like she had a magical day thanks to creative and loving parents. I'm totally the worst at remembering anyone's birthday and the fact that I still have a 2009 calendar hanging on my wall is not helping.


OurLittleFamily said...

I am glad she had a great birthday. Glad she likes the Tinkerbell game. We couldn't find the other one I talked to you about.

Isn't Cloudy w/ACOM so cute? James loves that movie.

Her cake looks super yummy...and the cupcakes.

I love the paint in the family looks great with the couch.

Cedric Anderson said...

Baxter loves his cupcake! Happy Birthday Elsa!