Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Christmas Adventure....The room under the stairs

For those of you, who are not part of the Anderson family, I feel like I need to explain our new Family blog header. At Christmas time in 2008, we, the whole Anderson clan, went to Stonehill, which is what my parents call there new house because it is built on a hill with lots of stones in it. My parents try to write a family story for the the grandkids every Christmas or so. They wrote the cutest one ever this particular Christmas in 2008. All the grandkids in it, were animals. Dallin was a bear, Calvin was a puppy, Elsa was a duck, and Abby was a squirrel. Just for your information, the rest of the cousins consisted of a monkey, elephant, 2 bunnys (the twins), a beaver, a pony, a kangaroo, and a lamb. It was a story of the older "animals" taking care of the younger "animals" and "oh what mischief those babies got into." It's a cute story and my kids LOVE it. They always want me to read it to them. Their grand parents gave them the story book, and the stuffed animal that they were. Except the older boys, they got jean quilts with fleece material on the back with their animal printed on it. Anyway, it's a special and fun story that we all love and the kids always talk about how they are a duck or squirrel or bear or puppy when they see any of those animals. It's fun!

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What a fun idea! How cool.