Friday, June 17, 2011

Smarty pants!

Yes!  School's out!  I'm sure the excitement of it all will wear off momentarily (for me), but for now I'm enjoying them being home.  Although Abby's taking a summer school class to help her with her reading.  She loves it even though she tells me every morning so far that she feels too sick to go.  She ends up going and when I pick her up she always tells me how much fun she had.
The other two got some awards in the last awards ceremony.  Elsa got the AB honor roll, the Library Reading award, 100% attendance award, Star Student and the Field day award.  They got some of these through out the year on little dog tags and on the award ceremony days they got to wear their dog tags all day, then when school ended for the year they finally got to take their necklaces home.  Calvin got AB Honor roll, A Honor roll, Star Student and Field Day.  He didn't get the A honor roll dog tag because he said his teacher was out of them. I can attest that he did achieve the A honor roll (it's a shame he never got that one).  They both could've gotten the Star Reader award because they both read all the time, they just don't do their homework regularly like they should and write down what they read.  Next year we're going to try much harder to get that done, so they can get credit for their reading hours.
Abby was promoted to 1st grade (pictures and video to come later) and she is super excited to go to school all day and eat lunch in the cafeteria.  We are very proud of all our kids.

This was a report on Canada.  He was proud of it.
The only picture I got before my battery died.  I was so mad at myself for not making sure the battery was charged and ready to go.  Good thing for good friends who let me use their camera and are making me a DVD of the program.  When I get those I'll do a whole post about it!  It was so cute and I was so sad that I could not take my own photos and video.  Especially because this was our last one!  But, like I said, good thing for good friends who understand!


OurLittleFamily said...

Good job kids!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Cedric Anderson said...

Nice work guys. Doing well in school will make life easier.. trust me.