Friday, June 03, 2011

Where did May go?

Wow!  I can't believe that a whole month went by and I did not write one post.  Well, here are a few pictures of what we did in May.
First thing that happened was Mothers day.  I woke at my normal time and like always I started getting the kids up and in the shower and ready for church.  When I went out to the kitchen, Calvin stopped me halfway down the hallway and told me not to go in the kitchen because he was working on something.  So I stayed in the back of the house and got ready for church and got the girls ready.  Then it was time for Calvin to reveal his surprise which was this wonderful breakfast and these Bionicle characters fighting over who was gonna get to kiss the owners (Calvin's) mom.  It was very sweet of him to do that for me.  I just felt bad, because I had to hurry and eat on the way out the door.  (Our church is at 9:00.)  Anyway, later that day Clint and the kids made dinner and gave me their homemade gifts and cards from church and school.  They also gave me some new p.j.'s and chocolates.  Yum!  It was a good day!  

 This is Abby, just being silly.

 Then on Memorial weekend we went up to Reno (Sparks actually) to Stonehill (Grandma and Papa's home).  My sister and her husband were blessing their new little bundle of joy, Oliver (Ollie).  As you can see Abby LOVED him.  She even turned to me at one point and asked when we were going to have a new baby.  She held him every chance she got.

 I love this one where little Ollie is smiling a little.
 Here is Elsa with her cousins, Laurel and Maisy.  All the cousins were so cute and interacted with each other more this trip.  It was so fun to watch them play together.
 Here is cute Norah, I promise she was happier without a camera in her face, and her daddy, Jeff.
 Here is the star of the day, Oliver Bradley and his cute Mamma taking his picture.
 Here is Norah and Maisy and Hannah all ready for bed.
 This picture is so fun, because they were all talking and laughing with each other.  So cute!
Smiling for the picture
 ...and Dallin and Calvin on the other end of the table
 Here's Abby taking her doll for a ride on Grandma and Papa's swing set.
Here's Dallin and Papa working hard.  Dallin is there for the rest of the month to hang out and help Grandma and Papa with yard work and such to earn money for Scout camp. He's loving it so far, whenever I call him I ask if he misses us.  His reply, a very quick, "No."  I'm glad he's enjoying himself, even with three wild toddlers and an infant.  LOL!


Camille said...

cutest mother's day gift ever. cool for dallin to have such an adventure away from home!

OurLittleFamily said...

Looks like you had a great Mother's Day...breakfast and all. How fun you all could be together for the baby blessing. Dallin does look like he is working hard...when is Scout Camp?