Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

These are in no particular order.    
This first one is our impromptu photo session after church.  We went up to the temple and snapped some pic's since the kids looked so nice in their new outfits.  (Compliments of their Aunt Steph,)
After our "photo session" we came home to see what the Easter bunny gave them and do our own little egg hunt.

On Saturday, I took the kids to the annual egg hunt that the Grace Baptist Church puts on.  It was pretty fun with something for everyone.  Then, we came home and dyed eggs.
In Abby's egg hunt, I thought I was recording for most of it, so all I got was the last part.
In Calvin's, I wanted him to come over to where I was because there were a lot of eggs, but he thought I wanted him to come over to take pictures. 
This was just a eScrapbook page that I made while playing in "Picnik" 

Aren't they good looking kids?!

This movie is the kids hunting for eggs in our backyard.  These kids are on a mission :o)

This was the weekend before Easter, when Aunt Steph and Tracy came for Dallin's ordination and to give them their cute outfits.  You'll notice Elsa's is different because that first (cute) one was a little tight on her and we wanted her to wear it longer, so I exchanged it for a bigger one.  Unfortunately I didn't find another one like this one, but did find a cute one still.  Atleast we have a picture of this one, huh?!

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OurLittleFamily said...

I love the update. Looks like they had a great Easter!!