Saturday, December 08, 2012

Halloween & Thanksgiving

Well, I'm a little behind.  I kind of jumped ahead of myself when I posted Calvin's birthday/Priesthood weekend.  So now I'm backtracking.  I want to just get onto our Christmas activities so I'm combining Halloween and Thanksgiving.  For Halloween we just went to our ward's Halloween party and went trick or treating around the neighborhood.  First, though, we went to old down town at Fremont street because we thought there would be a trunk or treat for the kids.  There was only a parade that wasn't anything to write home about and the only people there were adults dressed up and almost no kids.  So we went back to our neighborhood and got candy.  Then, it was Calvin's birthday, then Clint's birthday, which was good.  Then was Thanksgiving.  We had a quiet day at home, feasting on turkey and all the trimmings.  We DID go to Walmart and Target later that night, much later, to check out the Black Friday deals.  Anyway, here are some pictures of our holidays....
I just thought this was a cute moment. 

Clint's birthday trifle.

Calvin as a Minecraft character

Elsa in the truck after the Halloween party

In this photo and the next few, the kids were just being silly.
I think it was all that sugar.

Abby as Spiderina
The kids down town with Slender Man
in the background.  Oooooo!  Spooky!

Dallin as Slender Man

Elsa as a Ford Raptor

Crazy Calvin getting ready to dig in.

New pie this year....Butterscotch Pumpkin Cream.

Sweet Potato Pie

Dallin's request...Chocolate Cream, along with pumpkin pie.

Our feast

More of our feasr

The kids waiting for the feast

A little blury, but here's Clint with the turkey...Yum!
Let's eat!

Last but NOT least....Calvin kickin' off the Christmas season with
the beard that his mom crocheted


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Just have to say. Those kids have THE BEST MOM EVER! You are amazing Berth. Love you.