Sunday, January 06, 2013

I'm behind yet again

O.k. it's the new year and so far it's been a good one.  I have some resolutions that I wrote down and intend to keep.  I'm going to write them down on nice paper and laminate it, with my new laminator I got from Santa, and put it where I can see them every day.
So as for the Christmas season, we had a great one.  I'm going to tell about in pictures, so here goes.....
This was at our Ward's Christmas breakfast.  This was the part where the
Bishopic handed out stockings to each of the primary kids after the kids sang a couple of Christmas
songs.  It was such a fun party with games, great food and a program about the
Saviors birth.

This was later that day at the Ethel M. Chocolate factory.
We went to see the light display and tour the factory. 
The Chocolate factory
Then after the chocolate factory we went to watch the live Nativity
put on by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day.  They did a really great job.
Abby and Elsa loved to pet the animals.
The girls with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus
Actually his name was Nathaniel.  (His mom was right
behind me) He did great on this night.  Dallin and Calvin  and Clint
went earlier in the week and they told me that he was crying for
most of the show.  
This was the crowd after it was over.  They all wanted to go down and
meet and take pictures with the cast.  Including us.
Elsa made sure I got a picture of her touching the sheep.
As soon as I did, she was outta there.
She didn't know I got this one.
It was a goat anyway.

The angels were amazing!  

Elsa with a Roman soldier.
This was the girls little Christmas tree that they earned for having a
clean room for one week.  If kept it clean they got to keep it in their
room and add decorations, but if they didn't the tree would go into
Mom and Dad's room.  Let me say that I think it spent more time in
Mom and Dad's room.  However, they did get to keep it the week before
Christmas until Christmas in their room.  :)

Of course, Ella the Elf came to our home for Christmas.  Elsa left her this note
along with a bracelet she made her.

This was our little adventurous elf, repelling down the tree.
These were the new Christmas clippies I made for the girls hair.
Now I need to make some for Valentine's day.
Here, Abby was writing her letter to Santa.  Everyone else did too,
but for some reason I didn't get a picture of them doing it.
This was Abby and me at the Christmas concert.  We went to see
The Desert Chorale (Voral Chorus) and The Nevada Pops (Symphony) sing and play Christmas
songs.  Really put the spirit of Christmas in all of us.  

Abby receiving her Perfect Attendance award.
A BIG accomplishment for her!
Elsa got one too!  She was so happy!
She also got the A/B Honor Roll award!

On the weekend of Dec. 15, we went up to the Salt Lake area for
Clint's work Christmas party and while we were there we visited
our friends, Ron and Sariah and their kids.  We played in the
snow on Saturday.  We had so much fun! Then while Clint and I were at the party, Calvin, Elsa
and Abby had a slumber party with them and Dallin stayed with Uncle  Micah and Aunt Camille and watched
Nigel and Bradley while they went out.  He loved it and I think Nigel did too.  

On Sunday before we left, we had lunch with Great Grandma Anderson.
Uncle Rudy was there and it was nice to catch up and visit.
Then, of course, we made candy houses
This was Abby's.
This was mine, (Britta's)
This was Elsa's.
Elsa also had a piano recital.
She did such a good job.
She played "A Coventry Carol" and "Joy to the World"

Abby was proud of the star she made on top of her house.
 Well, I hope you enjoyed our Christmas so far.  I will do the rest of Christmas tomorrow.

Here is the video of us sledding with our friends.  I put it on Facebook, so for all you who don't look at Facebook, Mom.  This is for you.  Hope the link works because I could not get the original video to upload.


Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

Cute and COOL. What a neat idea for a nativity. I'd bet those kids won't ever forget that experience. Loved all of it. Love you.

Olivia Cobian said...

What a great Christmas season! I love Elsa's skirt from her recital. Did you make it?

OurLittleFamily said...

Looks like you were busy and had a great time too!