Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Morning!

Christmas day was as usual very fun!  Here are some pictures of us enjoying opening our gifts and playing....
Our Christmas tree of 2012

Very excited to go see what Santa brought them!

Can you tell he's happy?  He got an Airsoft gun and ammo!

He's so happy!  He got an Airsoft gun!

Elsa's gift and stocking before she saw them

Abby gifts and stocking before she saw them

New tools!  Always a good thing for Clint!

Checking out her gifts

Elsa loves her dolls new clothes and bed

Trying on her dolls new clothes

The boys got a target for their airsoft guns

Abby made this ornament for Clint and I at school.  It's a glass ball with curled up paper inside
and her school picture attached

This is Abby's new "My Salon Doll".  She loves her!

The boys and Clint got new clothes...yea!

Clint was pretty excited about this gift.

I had Calvin's name and I saw this "Build your own Ocarina" kit and
knew he'd love it.  He plays Zelda and helps Link play his Ocarina.

Dallin had Elsa's name...she got a stuffed dog.  

Abby had Dallin's name.

The only thing I asked for...Calvin had my name.

Elsa drew Dad's name and made him a lego candy dispenser, then
gave him candy to go in it, and a crossword puzzle book.  She knows her Dad!

This kid loves his Froot Loops!

Yea!  New dishes!

Abby loves to draw pictures to give as gifts and we love it!

Yea!  I finally have a Crock pot again!  Thanks Micah and Camille and boys!
We also LOVE Mario Kart!
He finished his collection!

Total surprise!
This is pretty much what I did for the rest of the day...
don't mind the mess.  ;)

Dallin and Elsa playing Mario Kart...this is what all the kids did for
pretty much the rest of the day!

Trying out her Cake pop maker!

They were yummy!

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