Saturday, February 02, 2008

Elsa's 5

Well, it happened, yesterday at 10:39 in the evening to be exact, Elsa turned 5. I can't believe she is five. It was crazy to think that Dallin was five when he turned 5. I couldn't believe I had a 5 year old. When Calvin turned 5 that was o.k. for some reason. Maybe because he was the 2nd boy to be 5 and he could NOT wait to go to kindergarten and he still had to wait another year to go because his birthday is in November. Now, it's Elsa's turn to be 5 and go to kindergarten. To me she still seems to be too little for Kindergarten. Although she is ready academically. When you ask if she wants to go to kindergarten she says no she would rather stay in Mrs. Brough's class. (Her early childhood class) I told she could keep going to that class until the end of the year. It's going to be hard to send her to kindergarten everyday for the first few days. I'll know exactly how she feels. A little scared of all the NEW kids, teacher, room, everything. I remember that feeling, but Elsa is a sweet girl and will do fine. I know she still has a few months until she goes and a lot of maturing happens between now and then. I'm sure by then she will be excited about it and will run to the playground on the first day of school. My kids have always surprised me that way. Anyway, she is taking being 5 pretty well. She totally scored on the gifts this year from her friends and loving family. I decided that January and February birthdays are the best, because all the stores are clearing out all their toys from Christmas, so they're way cheap and you can get more for your money. For example, Elsa's little friend, Zach gave her a Dora play tent that stands about 5 feet tall. We all thought, Wow, thanks! Then later, Clint informed me that it was on clearance at Target. I thought "oh, now I don't so bad that they felt they had to spend so much for a gift, because they didn't." Clearance sales are awesome! Aren't they? Anyway, Elsa had a great day and her party went well, a little chilly but not too bad.

Babies r us were having a grand opening and Dora and Arthur were there. So we thought it would fun to take Elsa and Abby for Elsa's birthday. Elsa thought it was a good idea too, until she actually saw her. Her and Abby were so scared they stayed in the cart and did not go up to them at all, so I got a picture of them without the girls. When we left the characters and were looking around the store, Abby excitedly said, "Dora, Dora" We said,"Yea, do you want to see her?" She very quickly got real serious and said,"No!" Then later in the day we were on our way home and Abby fell asleep in the car. She must've been dreaming about Dora because she woke calling her name. "Dora, Dora".

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