Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Valentine's day

Valentines Day was fun this year. The kids woke up and after breakfast, I brought out there lil' gifts from their Dad and Me. They were happy to get them, but then it was time to quickly get into the car and go to school. They brought home a bunch of valentine's from school. I remember bringing home tons of valentines when I was their age. Not as much candy though. I swear every valentine card had some sort of sucker or other kind of candy on it. In fact, Elsa brought home an electric toothbrush from one of her teachers I'm sure. (There was no label on it, and Elsa couldn't remember who gave her that one.) Anyway, in the end she didn't even want it because it had a whale on it, instead of Dora or something. So, she gave it to Calvin. If I got something like that when I was little, I would be so excited that I would be in the bathroom, as soon as I got home, brushing my teeth. Crazy Chick! Anyway, here are some pictures. Enjoy!

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