Sunday, February 17, 2008


The other night I had just put the girls down to bed and told the boys to get into bed and go to sleep. Well, I was out folding clothes and watching t.v. a few hours later when Calvin started screaming and crying. Dallin was apologizing profusely. Then, Calvin ran out to me and told me that Dallin elbowed him in the mouth and it was bleeding. So while I was administering to his lip, Dallin was telling his side of the story. I finally reminded them both that if they had done what I asked when I asked them to do it. It wouldn't have even happened. They both tried to argue that, but were stumped. So they went to bed without any trouble. Then, Calvin came out one more time to tell me that his front tooth was loose.

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Hannah Stevenson said...

You told 'em Britta! They should listen to their Mama! Sorry Calvin...that looks like it really hurts. Maybe you'll get a nice visit from the tooth fairy out of all of this.