Sunday, May 17, 2009

Calvin.....what a kid

(This is what he made for me for Mothers Day in school. Pretty cool huh?!)
You gotta love this kid. He can drive you crazy sometimes, but then totally surprise you just by being a sweetheart. This morning when I woke up, I came out to the kitchen and on the way I smelled good things being made in the kitchen and the table was all set. (I thought it was Mothers Day again). Clint was out in the living room going over some papers for his meetings at church and he told me that Calvin was in the kitchen making pancakes for me. I was really happy, to say the least. They were really fluffy and delicious bytheway. Then, later in the day, at church, he was so good and volunteered to say the prayer in his class, and read a scripture for sharing time. Then, we came home. I wanted to go over the boys Faith in God requirements, but Calvin had a different idea. After Clint came into the picture Calvin sat and listened as we learned about the Aaronic Priesthood. When we were done and for the rest of the day, Calvin wanted to play "speed" with anyone who would play with him. We taught him how to play today and he totally loves it and is getting really good. (He hasn't beat me yet though, so how good can he be, right? :) J/k. I love that kid. He's been a great sport about it, when he loses, he just says,"I want a rematch!" and laughs. Calvin is so good with his sisters too. Also earlier today he put up a sign for Elsa and Abby's room so they could have a store. He loves to play with them and help them whenever he can. He is also a great brother to Dallin. I could go on and on about him, but for now enjoy the pictures....look how much he has grown. I just measured him again and he grew 4 inches since November. Crazy!
Oh yeah! How can I forget? Calvin's 2nd grade class had flag ceremony on Friday and Calvin was so excited because he was going to help with one of the flags. He told me he was going to carry the blue flag. I said, "You mean the Nevada flag?" He excitedly said, "Yeah!" Well he did a great job and for some reason he carried the U.S. flag, but that's o.k. he still did awesome. His class sang"God bless America", which he had practice all week, and sounded great. He's such a great helper!Calvin loved Spiderman. This is him slinging his web while waiting in line at Disneyland.So strong!He was about 4 years oldFishing on the curb with Elsa and her "twin" Scott Keele
aka, he is a year older. 2004Pirate Calvin in 2004I love this picture
2004Look at Abby's hair. I'm so glad it's back!


Devon and Alicia said...

I sure hope I get a son (if we ever have one) that is as sweet and adorable as Calvin. It sure makes you feel good when one of your children does something sweet, it makes you feel like perhaps you are doing something right, well at least for me. Thanks for the kind words about Gunther. :)

Anonymous said...

Britta you take the best pictures. Your family is wonderful and so real. I hope you are doing well and you find a chance to pick up my book and read it even if you didn't make it to the party. I was hoping to see an old friend. :)

Cedric Anderson said...

Bertha, I sure miss you guys. Calvin is a really cool dude, and you deserve good kids because you're a great mom. Love you.

OurLittleFamily said...

That is so cool! He is a great kid. I know James loves him very much. He has so much personality. He reminds me so much of Clint as a kid.

Keep up the good work Calvin. Are you still on the A/B Honor Roll? I sure hope so. Keep trying for the straight A's. You can do it!

Aunt Danielle (Jame & Uncle Anthony)