Thursday, May 21, 2009

Elsa lost her tooth

On Monday, Elsa was in school when her first tooth finally fell out. It's been loose for quite some time and she hasn't let Clint or me touch it, so we figured that we would let it fall out on it's own and it did, right in the middle of reading time at school. That night she put it under her pillow (in the cute bag that I made her), and the tooth fairy actually remembered to come this time.(not like her brothers) She got 2 quarters.
She is such a cutie with her "one tooth missing" grin. I especially love the top one on the left. (Dwayne syndrome and all.) When Elsa was born her eyes always looked crossed when she looked in a certain direction. When she was about 18 months I took her to a specialist and he told me she had Type 2 Dwayne's Syndrome, where she can't move her left eye to the left. It just moves to the right and center then stops. She doesn't know any different because she's always had it. It used to freak me out when she'd look to the left, now I think it's adorable. She's adorable!


Anonymous said...

Dawson lost another last week. My baby is growing up and growing into a perfect boy.

the Dover Family said...

Hey Britta I just saw that you left a comment on one of my postings so I looked up your blog. I've added you to my "friends" list. It was so surprising to hear from you and now I can see how your family is growing up so fast.