Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dallin is 10 years old. When Clint and I got home from our trek, it was Dallin's birthday. So Grandma had made a cake and Dallin wanted to go to Cici's Pizza, so we went, then came home and opened presents and ate cake. It was a nice evening. As you can see, he got some nice things. Especially the clothes from Aunt Lisa which were sorely needed. (Can you believe he's wearing a size 12, in length. He totally has to wear a belt.) She also gave him a game called Pictureka. Anyway, he also got a little guitar hero game and a book of magic tricks which he loves from Aunt Danielle, and Stephani, and Uncle Anthony. And a harmonica and book to teach him how to play and money for his account from Grandma and Papa. A Fly fusion pentop computer from his favorite parents. (He's been asking for it since it came out about a year ago.) Also a spygear game and Webelos stuff for scouts. He loves being in scouts and is doing so well in it. He's a good looking kid, isn't he?!


OurLittleFamily said...

I am glad you liked your birthday Dallin!

Aunt Danielle

JordoBaggins said...

Happy Birthday Dallin! I remember when you were born. You were huge! Next year you'll be old enough to be with the 11 year-old scouts and earn advancements.
See ya later,