Friday, May 01, 2009

Easter at last

.....Yes I'm finally writing about our Easter. Well, Grandma and Papa were still here Easter morning so we had a nice breakfast and Easter egg hunt. Then, we all went to church and then Grandma and Papa left to go home and we had a nice rest of the day. Here are some pictures to enjoy.....Abby had a hard morning that day. She didn't want to put on her shoes. (Lately she does not like to wear shoes, and if she has to go anywhere then she will wear flip flops. She drives me crazy at times.) Well, I don't think flip flops are suitable for church so Sundays are stressful trying to get Abby ready. This Sunday, I told her she could not hunt easter eggs if she did not wear her NEW EASTER sunday shoes. (When I was a girl and my mom bought me new shoes or anything, I would look forward to wearing them.) As you can see from the photo above, she did not like that idea, yet she still did not want to wear her shoes. (And, NO, her shoes aren't too small, or hurt in any way. I checked that already to rule out actual pain or irritability. I think it is just a phase or a control issue.) Anyway, as you can see in the next photo, she didn't have her shoes on and did not participate in the hunt. When she saw all the fun she was missing, she hurried and put on her shoes and by the time she got back outside all the eggs were found, so her nice brothers and sister hid some of the eggs they found so she could find some and have some fun too. We were proud of our children that day. I think they had more fun hiding them than finding them. I'm also proud to say that Abby kept her shoes on all through church. Yeah! Abby has her shoes on!


OurLittleFamily said...

How sweet of the kids to do that for Abby. She looked HAPPY once she was hunting. They all looked cute.

Hannah Stevenson said...


You are such an amazing Mom. I'm so glad Abby made the choice to put her shoes on and join in the fun. You all look so cute in these's fun to see your garden too. Love you!