Sunday, April 03, 2011

Springs Preserve

About.....oh......a month ago.  The kids had a three day weekend, so I decided that if they got all their chores done fast then we'd go to the Springs Preserve.  It's a fun place for kids (and adults) can go to learn how to conserve water and also the history of Vegas, and the springs that use to be here.  It's a pretty interesting and fun place.  We also saw a show about Birds of prey.  It was pretty cool as well.  Here are some pictures....
This was in the flash flood simulator.  The kids loved it!

Elsa in the little train in the play ground.
There's Calvin...dodging the camera....again.
This was in the playground.  Abby was quite the climber!

Some of these were them digging for fossils, the Birds of Prey show, trying to stop the rolling ball (impossible), playing on the playground, viewing the desert fox, and in the museum.
These were the kids building a city, digging the wet sand to see how mountains were formed, more birds of prey, Abby playing in the giant sand box, and the girls on one of the trails. 
The kids were seeing how far they could jump.  They were all pretty good jumpers.
I even tried it to see how far I could jump....not too impressive, I know.

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OurLittleFamily said...

Looks like you all had a fun time. I was just thinking about the Springs Preserve the other day and wishing we had something like that here. We will have to head over there the next time we are in LV.